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Videos of Senior Citizens telling Amazing Stories

Lillian’s Story : In Color

Unsung Heroes: The Story of America's Female Patriots
Aired: 05/08/2014 | 1 hr. 41 min.


Major Norman Hatch, USMC (Ret.)


A Letter From Fred - *OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY* Oh Sweet Lorraine An Amazing Song Written by Fred!


More Videos

70-year-old Ria on a Roller Coaster for the first time (youtube)

Speaking Exchange Project connects students with Elderly Americans using Video Chat Technology (youtube)

100-year-old Woman Ruby Holt Sees Ocean for the First Time (youtube)

South African Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday with a Skydive (youtube)

Walter: Lessons from the World's Oldest People (2013)  (Video on Hulu)

Andrew Jenks - Room 335 (youtube)  2008,  19-year old college student moves into a senior residence in Florida to video tape the experience.  website

Jared Diamond: How Societies can Grow Old Better (Video)

How To Live Forever (2009) (Video on Hulu)

Young@Heart "Fix You" (youtube)    Young at Heart Chorus

Mondo Cozmo - Hold On To Me (youtube)

A Portrait of Pat Carey: By Anson Musselman (vimeo)

Book Club  Aired: 08/04/2015 | 1 hr. 09 min (hulu)
Eight women who formed a book club 70 years ago knew they'd explore many worlds within the pages, but they never could have expected their friendship would also be a journey of a lifetime.


Senior Jokes Videos

Still Going Strong Stories

Oldest People Alive

Read Heart Warming Stories about the Lives of Senior Citizens


List of Last Survivors of Historical Events (wiki)